A Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween 

For me, Halloween is an opportunity to express individual creativity, to mingle with the neighbors, and to gather together with friends and family, enjoying spooky good food, games, music, and films together. What fun it is to be with someone that shares the same passion for Halloween as me. We look upon plywood, two by fours, cardboard, and butcher paper as the raw materials necessary not for mere decorations but for the creation of an experience. Having both been raised in southern California, our love of Disneyland has often found its way into our Halloween party themes. See entire blog post...           

A Hollywood Tower Hotel Experience 

Last year, so many of my family members and their children were making the trip up to Utah from California for our annual Halloween party, that I just had to create an unforgettable room and board experience for them. I wanted a theme that would be eerie but not really scary. As I pondered, Disney's Hollywood Tower Hotel came into my mind. It was perfect! I could transform my home into the hotel, complete with room keys, hotel signage, and abandoned luggage. Read blog post...           

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