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Place Value Unit: 274 PAGES of differentiated, fun, and engaging 1st Grade Common Core Aligned WORKSHEETS, CENTERS, ACTIVITIES & CRAFTS! Example problems with explanations and student directions included at the top of each worksheet to support student independence.

Price: $13.50 

Author's Purpose

21 fun and engaging NO PREP AUTHOR'S PURPOSE PASSAGES inviting students to text code clues as they read and to explain their thinking in complete sentences. Author's Purposes include: To Persuade, to Inform, and to Entertain. The P.I.E acronym is used to help reinforce author's purpose skills in the included posters. 

Price: $4.00

Back-to-School Ice-Breakers 

Back to School: 36 Ice-Breaker Quiz-Quiz-Trade Cards to get your students up, moving, making connections, and building relationships of trust during the first week of school. Students will discover fun facts about their classmates and realize common interests. Great way to build classroom community!

Price: $3.00

1st Grade Money Unit

Money Unit PACKED with 114 Differentiated Worksheets, 7 Money Games/Centers, 4 Coin Posters, 5 "I Can" money posters, and a leveled Money Unit Assessment!! Targets covered include: Identifying coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters), determining coin values, using different combinations of coins to show the same value, ordering and comparing coin values, adding like coins, adding mixed coins, adding and subtracting coin values within $1.00, and solving real-world problems involving money!


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