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Level 2 Licensed Educator

KSL News Radio and Zion's Bank Teacher Feature Award recipient. See the announcement on the KSL Website


7 years of expeditionary teaching, engaging students in grades 1-5 in hands-on, discovery-based learning, driven by the creation of real-world, authentic products.


Project and performance-based learning is my passion! I love directing students in both live and recorded performances that reflect the depth of their learning. From tableaus, to Civil War reenactments, to news casts, to 1950s television spoofs, my students have pretty much run the gamut of performance genres over the years. These memories stick with the students throughout their school careers. I frequently have former 1st grade students (now in middle school) approach me to express their fondness for the memories of their performance celebrations of learning.   



One of my favorite things about teaching at an EL school are the opportunities to engage students in fieldwork outside the classroom. With the support of parent helpers, it isn't uncommon to venture out of the classroom 5-10 times a year to engage the students in authentic fieldwork experiences. I love creating opportunities for students discover the wonders of the world around them and allow them to assume the role of experts in the field. 

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